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About Us

What makes us tick
Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.
by Douglass Adams

Juxapo is a full service creative design agency that is completely obsessed with design and technology. It is this motivation and obsession that drives our work, allowing us to complete work to a high standard and in a quick timescale. Seriously, we love doing what we do so, as long as there is caffeine, we don't stop. We also actively look out for upcoming trends, ideas, technology or just great things that we can use to make your message one to stand out.

Our main goal and specialty is to always look at how we can best communicate your message. That is why we are happy to spend some time with you first, to understand what it is you are looking for and maybe suggest some things you might like. Ultimately the vision is yours and we love to use our skills and experience to make your vision a gleaming reality.

6 Full time and associated staff
25+ Creatives in our extended network
6+ Years experience
1.5m+ Views of our stuff

Meet the team

We are creative professionals
Colin Hughes


Hailing from Scotland, Colin is thrilled to head up Juxapo's base of operations in New York.

A self-professed design geek with a solid foundation in design, multimedia development and marketing, Colin has seeked out new ways to make and distribute unique content for over a decade. He has also been known to wear a kilt.

Colin Hughes

Creative Director & Founder
Tim Mutlow

Hi there!

Heading up the technical side of Juxapo in the UK, Tim is a code aficionado with a Masters degree in Computer Science and over 6 years of experience in enterprise infrastructure and web app development.

Tim enjoys heavy metal music, long walks on the beach, fun evenings in (or out) and talking til the wee hours of the morning... to his Xbox.

Tim Mutlow

Technology Guru
Carla Douglass

Bon dia!

Carla is a Brazilian artist based in Brooklyn. She started to draw for fun when she was 15 and now mixes the ability to create amazing content in almost any style with a seemingly boundless supply of energy and enthusiasm.

Carla is basically a 24/7 design dance machine.

Carla Douglass


Kris Twitchsri


Kris is a Bangkok-born, New York-based graphic designer who loves a wide variety of art, including hand crafts. She really enjoys mixing traditional art with new media into her work.

She loves ice cream as much as going to the beach and she squeals (loudly) when she sees cute dogs on the street.

Kris Twitchsri

Graphic Designer
Tricia O'Reilly

Hi there!

Tricia is Juxapo's resident wordsmith and communications guru. She comes to Juxapo with more than seven years of writing and editing experience, She is responsible for content strategy and copywriting. Translated: she will make you sound wicked smart.

Her favorite YouTube videos are "I Like Turtles" and "Afro Ninja".

Tricia O'Reilly

Content Strategist
Print Media
Web/App Development
Branding and Marketing

What we do

And what we can do for you.

Print Media

Brochures, fliers, banners, t-shirts, stickers. We are good at designing for pretty much anything printed, and even better, we love to do it too!

Motion Graphics

We really enjoy making custom, dynamic animations and videos that will give your brand that extra something special.

Expert UX/UI Design

Having a seamless user experience are the difference between having something that looks good and having something amazing. We make the latter.

Responsive Web Design

Smart, customized web design is the key to effectively promoting your message and reaching your customers where they live online. Our clean, responsive websites are thoughtfully crafted with your customer’s experience in mind

Brand Identity

Branding and creative design go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you’re launching a new business or your logo just needs refreshing, let’s work together to energize your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Customers now expect to see custom landing pages and a consistent, unified look across social media. Where do you stand?

Our work process

How we make awesome things for you.


Planning is super important. It lets us agree what needs to be done, and saves extra costs from cropping up.



The fun part. Coming up with a unique design and style for you is always the best part of the job.



Sometimes it's a hard slog, but we love it. This is where we do the meat of the work. We take the ideas generated from the planning and design phases and turn them into the final product.



As standard we give you time to look at what we've made for you and revise it if necessary at no extra cost. We are happy when you're happy.

Some of our projects

These are just a few of the cool things we've been able to make
Age Smart Employer - Columbia University

Age Smart Employer

Columbia University
Explainer Video - Activatr

Meet Dan

Activatr - Explainer Video
UN Framework - WEDO

Printing and Branding

WEDO International
Project Example

Unchain The Blockchain Animation

TED Talk with Don Tapiscott
Project Example

Environment Gender Index

Project Example

Bright Blue Maps

Fully Responsive Website
  • Womens Environment & Development Organization
  • TED Talks
  • Barnes & Noble Education
  • Newsweek
  • The International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Columbia University
  • Global Gender and Climate Alliance
  • Activatr