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“Juxapo consistently delivers exceptional work, even within tight deadlines.”

– GGCA Secretariat

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“They understood our strategy very quickly and were able to create a branding solution that exceeded our expectations.”
 – HR Director of ABRIR
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Juxapo (pronounced juhks-uh-poh) is a full-service creative design agency with offices in New York and London to serve clients around the world. We are obsessed with helping small businesses and big thinkers tell their stories through eye-catching visuals and thoughtful branding. From traditional print media to responsive web design to everything in between, every piece of design that we create is inspired by a passion and commitment to better, smarter, and more powerful brand communication.


Why Juxapo?

At Juxapo, we believe that good design should not cost an arm and a leg, and it should always start with a conversation. We have experienced first-hand how a strategic vision can emerge when creative design meets a good idea, so let’s talk about where you are headed, and how we can help you get there together. Drop us a line at

No, really… why “Juxapo”?

The word ‘juxtaposition’ got thrown around a lot during our initial launch. At 2 a.m., someone asked, “is it jux-ta-position or jux-a-position?” After a little search engine action, we had our answer, but the general consensus was that it wasn’t quite right – it sounded better without all of the syllables.
So, Juxapo was born.


Our Creative Process

“Communication with the company was excellent, and they were able to turn my thoughts and ideas into reality with ease.”

– Viral Creations

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“AMAZING!! [Juxapo’s] proposal is beyond reasonable, and all that extra service is crazy (and yet wonderful).”

– Ruth Finkelstein, ScD, Associate Director, Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center

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Meet the Team!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot for Tim Mutlow, Chief Technical Officer of Juxapo and twelfth runner-up of Britain’s Next Top Model (allegedly). Check out the new team page on our website, featuring your favorite rag-tag team of graphic artistes, tech geniuses, and wannabe Pulitzer-prize winning copywriters. Tim wasn’t happy with the image we […]

#TheDress and Other Illusions

Last night the Internet was a wash with discussion over the, now infamous, picture of a blue and black dress, or a white and gold dress, or whatever. Here, I’m going to try and explain my understanding of what’s going on (though I  still feel it may be witchcraft) My personal journey with this internet phenomenon […]

“Consistent, flexible, talented and professional, Juxapo helps translate our ideas into strong and dynamic design. They are a pleasure to work with!”


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